Search Engine Optimization

Can people easily find you on google or other search engines?
Finding easily on the first page of google when people type in the keyword is very important. Most of the people who search items on search engine won’t bother to go to the second page of the search results.
What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website with few factors to help your website to be find on first page or in technical terms to achieve higher rankings in major search engines. This helps to promote your website, generate more leads and more business for you.
SEO Process
1. Free Consultation.
No body knows your business as well as you do. To help you with Search Engine Optimization, it is important that we knows your business well. We are more than happy to meet with you to find out more about your business and also what you expect from internet marketing.
2. Keyword research and Identification.
Using right keyword is very important in search engine marketing or optimization. Right keyword optimization will direct traffic to your site. You will send us a list of keywords which you feel important to your business. We do a research on these keywords and send you report of the right keywords which will beneficial for your business.
3. Content Development.
Search Engines gives so much importance to the content of the website. So it is very important to have quality content which is relevant to our business and the keywords.
4. Website Development.
Next stage is to analyze the website coding. To have a website that look neat and professional is one thing, but it’s should also be technically clean. The code should be well written and avoid lots of flash, naming the images right, renaming the pages/url and many more.

How to built a website

What is a website?
In simple Website is a bunch of computer files, which are linked together.These files when displayed on a Internet browser will show the content in it.

Before you can have a website running live you need to do few things.
1. Register a domain name.
Domain name is the primary address of your website on the Internet or known as URL ( URL is not your website, it acts as a pointer where your website files are stored.
1.a. Does it cost to register a domain?
Yes, if you want your own unique address on the web, it will cost something between $10 to $30 yearly.
1.b. Is .com, .net, .org all same?
There is no difference now a days, however people always type .com most of the time. So it is better to choose a .com domain if it is available.

Some countries they have extensions like, etc…

If your business is more locally, you can choose those domains, but if you can grab the .com also it would be good. You never know if you going global.
1.c. What to look for when choosing a domain name?
Choose a name relevant to your content
Choose a simple name which is easy to remember
Choose if possible a short name

Your domain name is very important when it’s comes to search engines. If some one looking for sealants, if there is a website, that has the chance to come first on search or Hope you got what I am talking about.
2. Hosting
I mentioned in the beginning, website is bunch of files. If you keep them in your computer no one is going to see it. You need to put them in the server. Servers are big computer which are connected to the Internet. There are many companies out there own these servers and we call them web hosting companies. We have to rent some space from them to put your web files there and point your domain name to it. So when people type in your website address on their Internet browser, they can see the website.
2.a. What to look for when choose a hosting provider?
Don’t go for cheap one. Support is very important. Below are few important items to look for;
Disk space:
This meaning ow much space is available for your website. Some offer unlimited, some charge based on space allocated. In both case choose one based on your website size. You may need large space if you have so many image galleries or huge database etc.
The amount of data that your website can pass to viewers over a period of time. If you have a large no of people accessing your website meaning they are downloading that much data. Once your website pass the allocated bandwidth, it may slows down. So it’s important to plan it before you choose the bandwidth.
This is infact the most important item to look for. This is the percentage of time your hosting sever has been up. You don’t want your website is not accessible because the server is down.
Free hosting is good for testing, but most of them it their advertising on your website. If you are a business you don’t want it to be there.
3. Building the website
Now the most important part the actual website. Before create the website you need to know who your target audience is? What they looking for? What you are offering?

Do a keyword research, there are so many free keyword tool, even available in google to look what people searching for related to your product or service. That will give you an idea of the content of your website. Your website content should have these keywords, so that google or other search engines can find your website when people search for it.

Website is an investment. It works for your 24/7. So its very important that you don’t look for a cheap website at the same time spend so much on it. Shop around, get quote from few designers.
4. Publish your website
Putting the completed website files into the hosting server. This can be done in many ways, a file uploaded in your hosting control panel or you can use free FTP clients like FileZilla to do this. Once the files are uploaded and the domain is pointing to the hosted server you are done.

Website is live.
5. Promote your new website.
Submit your website to search engines
Tell your friends and family
Post in Facebook and twitter

Our Process


We want to hear from you about your business, your ideas and what you want to achieve with your website. Once we do that we do some research on your industry.


Once we finish the research, our designers will put together some wireframes for you and based on your feedback we will do some mock up design of your website for multiple devices.


Once the design is approved our developer will work on it to make it in to the actual website and will provide a test link for you to update the content.


GO LIVE - The Final Stage. Once all the content been added and tested. We will move the website to the LIVE url.